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fludioxonil cas 131341-86-1

Chemical Name: Fludioxonil

CAS No: 131341-86-1

Molecular Formula: C12H6F2N2O2

Molecular Weight: 248.19

Appearance: White powder



Fludioxonil Quick Details

Chemical Name: Fludioxonil

CAS No: 131341-86-1

Molecular Formula: C12H6F2N2O2

Chemical Structure:Fludioxonil Strcuture

Molecular weight: 248.19

Appearance: White powder

Fludioxonil Typical Properties

Item Specifications
Fludioxonil mass fraction,%,m/m ≥50.0
Suspension rate %, m/m ≥80
Wetting time,S ≤60
Granularity, %, m/m,45um ≥98
Appearance White powder
pH 5-9

Fludioxonil Usage

This product is a non-systemic fungicide. It inhibits the growth of pathogenic mycelium by inhibiting the transfer of glucose phosphorylation, eventually leading to the death of the pathogen. Its mechanism of action is unique, and it has no cross-resistance with most existing fungicides. This product has low dosage, good effect, safe and low toxicity, and low residue. It mainly controls gray mold of grape and flower plants, and can also control leaf blight, leaf spot, part of stem rot and root rot.

Fludioxonil Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg /drum.

Delivery: Delivery within 2-3 days once receiving the payment

Fludioxonil Storage

It should be placed in cool and dry place. Kept in airproof condition.Keep away from light.

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