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4′-methoxyacetophenone cas 100-06-1

Purity: 99%min

Appearance: White Powder

Packing: 25kg / Fiber Drum

Sample: Available


4′-Methoxyacetophenone Details

Chemical Name: 4′-Methoxyacetophenone

CAS No.: 100-06-1

Molecular Formula: C9H10O2

Molecular Weight: 150.17

Molecular Structure:4'-Methoxyacetophenone cas 100-06-1

Appearance: white powder

4′-Methoxyacetophenone Typical Properties

Product Name: 4-methoxyacetophenone
Synonyms: 4’-Methoxyacetophenone;1-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethanone;
CAS No.: 100-06-1
Purity: 99%min
MF: C9H10O2
Molecular Weight: 150.17400
Boiling Point(℃): 152-154°C26mm Hg(lit.)
Flash Point(℃): >230°F
Melting Point(℃): 36-38°C(lit.)
Appearance: White Powder
Application: Flavors and Fragrances

4′-Methoxyacetophenone Usage

1. p-Methoxyacetophenone is suitable for hawthorn, acacia, mimosa, locust, fragrant weed, sorrel, new grass, clover and other flavors, commonly used in herbal fragrances, wood fragrance and other soap flavor .

2. p-Methoxyacetophenone can also be used as a coordinated aroma of fennel and bean flavor, and is widely used in the formulation of various flavors, and can also be used in edible flavors such as cream, tobacco sugar, chocolate, fresh fruit, nuts, vanilla Bean and other flavors and tobacco flavors.

3. p-Methoxyacetophenone is commonly used in high-end cosmetics and soap fragrances, but also in organic synthesis

4. P-methoxyacetophenone is also used in sunscreens and organic synthesis, production of p-methoxyphenylacetic acid is used as an intermediate of puerarin, and the production of liquid crystal monomers.

4′-Methoxyacetophenone Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/Fiber Drum

4′-Methoxyacetophenone Storage

Storage in a dark, cool, ventilated, and dry environment

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