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acidic prOtease cas 9025-49-4

Chemical Name:Acidic PROTEASE
CAS No.:9025-49-4

Appearance :yellow powder or brown liquid



Acidic PROTEASEquick Details

Chemical Name:Acidic PROTEASE
CAS No.:9025-49-4

Appearance :yellow powder or brown liquid

Acidic PROTEASEtypical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance Yellow powder
Activity (u/g)≧ 800000
Particle size (Pass rate of 0.4mm)≧ 80
Loss on drying% ≦ 8.0
As (mg/kg) ≦ 3
Pb (mg/kg) ≦ 5
Colony count (CFU/g) ≦ 5.0*104
Coliform group (CFU/g) ≦ 30
Salmonella (25g) Negative
Escherichia coli (CFU/g) < 10

Acidic PROTEASEPacking and Shipping

Packing: 25kg bag


1.Protease is the general name of enzymes that hydrolyze protein peptide bonds, so it is also called Peptidase.

2.It is one of the earliest and deepest enzymes in enzymology. By the beginning of the 21st century, more than 900 kinds of microbial proteases have been reported.

3.The physiological activities and diseases of organisms, such as digestion and absorption of food, blood coagulation, hemolysis, anti-inflammation, blood pressure regulation, cell differentiation and autolysis, aging, cancer metastasis and activation of physiological active peptide

4.There are many kinds of proteases, which can be divided into animal proteases according to their sources.

5.They are extracted from animal pancreas, such as pepsin, trypsin, alpha-chymotrypsin, etc.

6.According to the different active centers and essential genes, they can be divided into mercaptoproteins, metalloproteinases, serine proteases and proteases that can only hydrolyze the peptide bonds between one or two amino acids.

Acidic PROTEASEStorage

Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place away from sunlight

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