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beef bone peptone powder cas 91079-38-8

Chemical Name: Peptone/soy, fish, beef

CAS No.: 91079-38-8

Appearance: Yellow to light yellow powder

Assay: 99%



Beef bone peptone powder Quick Details

Chemical Name: Peptone/ soy, fish, beef

CAS No.: 91079-38-8

Appearance: Yellow to light yellow powder

Assay: 99%

Beef bone peptone powderTypical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance Yellow to light yellow powder
Total nitrogen content ≥13
Loss on drying % ≤7
Ignition residue %
PH 4-7
chloride ≤5
Amino nitrogen% ≥2

What is peptone?

Peptone is an organic compound. Peptone is a pale yellow powder obtained by hydrolyzing meat, casein or gelatin with an acid or a protease, and has a special flavor of themeat. Proteins can also form peptone after decomposition by acid, base or protease. One of the preliminary digestion products of proteins in the stomach is peptone. Peptone is rich in organic nitrogen compounds and also contains some vitamins and sugars.

1. It can be used as the main raw material of microbial culture medium. It can be used in the fields of antibiotics, thepharmaceutical industry, fermentation industry, biochemical products,and microbiology research, and can be used to treat digestive diseases.

2. Different organisms require specific amino acids and peptides, so various peptones exist. In general, proteins used in peptone production include animal proteins (casein, meat), plant proteins (beans), and microbial proteins. (Yeast) and other three. It can provide nutrients such as C source, N source and growth factor for microorganisms.

Beef bone peptone powderUsage

This product is a mixture of peptone and amino acids obtained by hydrolysis of protein such as blood fibre by pepsin or other enzymes. It is light yellow to brown powder or granule, with fleshy taste, but no rotten odor, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, chloroform,and ether.

It can be used as an ingredient for microorganism and animal cell culture medium, special functional food and cosmetics, and as a stabilizer for beer and other products.

Beef bone peptone powderPackaging and Shipping

Packing: 25kg/bag

Delivery: delivery within 3-5working days

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