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chlorinated polypropylene cas 68442-33-1

Assay: Chlorine content31%,Viscosity 300mpa.s

Appearance: Light yellow to yellow granular

Capacity: 24000MT per year

Packaging: 20kg carton or plastic bag

Sample: available



Chlorinated Polypropylene CAS 68442-33-1 Quick Details



CAS No.: 68442-33-1

Molecular Formula: C8H15Cl
Molecular Weight: 146.66 g/mol
Appearance: Non-toxic and odorlesswhite or slightly yellow solid

Chlorinated Polypropylene CAS 68442-33-1 Properties



Chlorine content %


Viscosity, mpa.s




Melting Points 100-120℃


Conform to the regular standard

A Brief Introduction of Our Chlorinated Polypropylene(CPP)

1. Chlorinated Polypropylene (CPP) is one of the most important chemical modification products of polypropylene (PP). It is insoluble in alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbons while soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, and ketones. As is known to all, this item can take the advantage of good oil resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and ultraviolet radiation resistance in acting as an adhesive agent for BBOP film and paper.

2. According to the extent of chlorination, our Chlorinated Polypropylene CAS 68442-33-1 can be generally divided into two categories: high Chlorinated Polypropylene (60% -70%) and Low Chlorinated Polypropylene (20% -40%). What’ more, differed by materials, this item can also be divided into another 2 categories: chlorinated isotactic (or syndiotactic) polypropylene and chlorinated random polypropylene.

3. The performance of Chlorinated Polypropylene is related to the degree of chlorination and viscosity, in this circumstance, we strongly recommend you to use this product under the guidance of an engineer. Generally speaking, you may dissolve it in a solvent to make a solution containing 20% of this item.

4. With good gelling properties and gloss, our bulk supply Chlorinated Polypropylene is widely used as a solution for injection molding of polypropylene as well as a coating for BOPP film.

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