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diantimony trioxide cas 1309-64-4

Chemical Name: Diantimony trioxide

CAS NO.:1309-64-4

MolecularFormula: O3Sb2

Molecular Weight: 291.52

Appearance: White powder



Diantimony trioxide Quick Detials

Chemical Name: Diantimony trioxide

CAS NO.:1309-64-4

Molecular Formula: O3Sb2

Molecular Weight: 291.52

Chemical Structure:Diantimony trioxide Structure

Appearance: White powder

Diantimony trioxide Typical Properties

Item Result
Sb2O3 99.8%
As2O3 0.039%
PbO 0.0034%
Fe2O3 0.0021%
CuO 0.00086%
Se 0.001%
White 97.25%
Grain Size 0.6μm
Conclusion The results conforms with enterprisestandards

Diantimony trioxide Usage

1. Used as high purity reagent, mordant and light-proof agent.

2. As flame retardant, it is widely used in plastics, rubber, textile, chemical fibers, pigments, paints, electronics and other industries. It is also used as catalyst and raw material in chemical industry.

3. Used as white pigment, white glass, enamel, medicine, cementing cement, filler, mordant and fire retardant paint, etc.

4. Excellent inorganic white pigments, mainly used in paint coloring.

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