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emamectin benzoate cas 155569-91-8

Assay: 70%min

Appearance: White to light yellow powder

Capacity: 800MT/year

Packaging: 25kg fiber drum or as customized package.

Sample: available



Emamectin benzoateDetails

Chemical Name:Emamectin benzoate

CAS No.:155569-91-8

Molecular Formula: C49H77NO13

Molecular Weight:888.13

MolecularStructure:Emamectin benzoate Structure

Appearance:White to pale yellow crystal powder

Emamectin benzoateTypical Properties

Item Specifications Results
Appearance White to pale yellowcrystal powder Confirms
Content of Emamectin benzoate≥ B1 70%
Content of Emamectin ≥ B2 61.5%
A(Bla/Blb) ≥ 20 33.5
Water ≤2% 1.0%
PH 4.0-8.0 6.2
Indissouble material in acetone ≤0.5%
Conclusion Qualified

Emamectin benzoateUsage

1. As a new type of antibiotic biological source insecticide, it can have the advantages of broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue. It has good insecticidal effect on lepidopteran pests. The LC90 value of the insects ranges from 0.002 to 0.89 mg/L.

2. Avidin/avermectin is often used to control vegetable pests, such as Plutella xylostella, Spodoptera exigua, Spodoptera litura, etc. Because of its good control effect, it has been widely used and effectively controlled in the control of cruciferous vegetable pests. The occurrence of lepidopteran pest populations has slowed the evolution of resistance to traditional insecticides.

3. Widely used in the prevention and control of various pests on crops such as vegetables, fruit trees and cotton

4. Insecticide and acaricide.

Emamectin benzoatePackaging and Shipping

Packing: Drum, Net weight: 25kg per Drum

Emamectin benzoateStorage

The warehouse is ventilated and dryat low temperature; it is stored separately fromfood materials.

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