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hydrOtalcite cas 11097-59-9


CAS No.:11097-59-9

Molecular Formula:CO3.2HMgO.4H2MgO2.4H2O.2AlH3O3


Appearance:White Powder





CAS No.:11097-59-9

Molecular Formula:CO3.2HMgO.4H2MgO2.4H2O.2AlH3O3

Molecular Weight:603.97

MolecularStructure:HYDROTALCITE Structure

Appearance:White Powder

HYDROTALCITE Typical Properties

Item Specifications Results
Appearance White or off-white powder Conform
Whiteness ( W=Y) ≥ 92.0 % 92 %
Particle size 200 mesh ≥ 90 % 95 %
Total metal ion content ≤ 35 % 30 %
Total heavy metal content ≤ 55ppm 50 ppm
Bulk density ( g/ml) 0.25 – 0.55 0.5
Ph ( 2% suspension ) ≤ 11.0 9.9
Volatile matter ( 100±2℃,1h) ≤ 7 % 6 %
Conclusion The results conforms with enterprise standards


1.It is an inorganic compound and is a good acid absorbent, which can effectively inhibit zinc burning during processing

2.Good thermal stability at high temperatures, up to 400°C, especially suitable for hard processing formulations

3.When used in combination with St-220, it has a good multiplication effect on heat stability

4.It is suitable for the addition of Ba-Zn and Ca-Zn formulas, and it can reflect its unique effects when applied in Ba-Zn and Ca-Zn rigid formulations

5.Even if the temperature exceeds 350°C, the phenomenon of separation of bubbles such as CO2 and H2O does not occur, so it can be effectively used as a hard PVC stabilizer in high processing temperatures

6.When 5 phr was used alone, the Congo Red time at 200°C reached 183 minutes.

HYDROTALCITE Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 20kg/bag

Delivery: within 5-7 working days


Stored in cool dry ventilated place away from light

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