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lanthanum oxide cas 1312-81-8

Chemical Name:Lanthanum oxide

CAS No.:1312-81-8

Molecular Formula:La2O3


Appearance:White powder



Lanthanum oxide Details

Chemical Name:Lanthanum oxide

CAS No.:1312-81-8

Molecular Formula:La2O3

Molecular Weight:325.81

MolecularStructure:Lanthanum oxide Structure

Appearance:White powder

Lanthanum oxide Typical Properties

Item Specification % CI- 0.033
Appearance White powder SO4 2- 0.039
La2o3 99.992 CaO 0.072
Ceo2 0.0050 Fe2O3 0.0050
Pr6O11 0.0012 Na2O 0.0014
Nd2O3 0.0016 BaO 0.014
Sm2o3 0.0001 Al2O3 0.001
Y2O3 0.0001 SiO2 0.006
PbO 0.002 Mno2 0.0030
Zno 0.021 LOI 2.41

Lanthanum oxide Usage

1. Used in the manufacture of special alloys, optical glass, refractory materials, etc.

2. Mainly used in the manufacture of precision optical glass and optical fiber. Also used in the electronics industry as a ceramic capacitor, piezoelectric ceramic doping agent. It is also used as a raw material for the production of lanthanum boride, a petroleum separation and purification catalyst.

3. Used as analytical reagents, raw materials for optical glass and refractory materials

4. Mainly used in the manufacture of cameras, microscopes, various optical glass components and optical fibers required to improve the refractive properties. There are also certain uses in the electronic ceramic industry and in the preparation of catalysts. LAMOX fast ion conductor and precursor of superconductor.

Lanthanum oxide Packaging and Shipping

Packing:25 kg/drum or bag

Lanthanum oxide -Storage

Store at room temperature

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