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p-hydroxybenzaldehyde cas 123-08-0

Assay: 99%min

Appearance: White powder

Capacity: 300mts/month

Packaging: 25kg/ drum

Sample: available



p-HydroxybenzaldehydeQuick Details

Chemical Name:p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde

CAS: 123-08-0

Molecular Fomula:C7H6O2

Molecular Weight:122.12

Chemical Structure:4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Structure

Appearance:White to pale yellow crystal

Purity: 99.0%

p-HydroxybenzaldehydeTypical Properties

Item Index Value
Appearance Electron Grade Medical Grade Spices Grade
white crystalline powder Pale yellow crystalline powder Pale yellow crystalline powder
Purity :% ≥99.8 ≥99.5 ≥99
Moisture:% ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.5
Melting point:℃ 115.5 115 114.5
Chloride:PPm ≤50 ≤50
Heavy metal :PPm ≤8 ≤8
Insoluble % ≤0.05 ≤0.05

p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Usage

1. This product is an intermediate of medicine, perfume and liquid crystal. P-hydroxybenzaldehyde is used in the production of antibacterial synergists TMP (trimethoprim), amoxicillin, amoxicillin, artificial gastrodia elata, rhododendron, bezafibrate, esmolol; used in the production of spices Anisaldehyde, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, raspberry ketone.

2. The key raw material for the production of p-hydroxybenzoyl acid (p-hydroxyphenylglycine is a key intermediate in the new generation of semi-synthetic penicillium amoxicillin). At the same time, it is also the key intermediate raw material for the production of pesticide-bromobenzonitrile.

p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Package

Bags, 1g,5g,1kg,25 kg
Drum,25 kg ,180kg
Or as per customers required.

p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Store

Store at 2-8°C

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