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potassium iodide pharma grade cas 7681-11-0

Assay: 95%,97%,98%, 99%

Appearance: white powder

Capacity: 30-50MT/month

Packaging: 25kgs/drum

Sample: available



Potassium iodide pharma grade Quick Details

Chemical Name: Potassium iodide

CAS No.: 7681-11-0

Molecular Fomula: IK

Molecular weight: 166

Appearance: Colorless and transparent or pale yellow liquid

Assay: 99 % for pharma grade , 97% for industry grade

Potassium iodide pharma gradeQuick Details

Item Specification
Mesh 90-110
Description Colorless crystal
Differentiate Identification of potassium salt and iodide in aqueous solution of this product
SO4 <0.04%
Loss on drying % <0.6%
Heavy metal (by pb) ≤10ppm
Arsenic salt (by as) ≤0.0002%
Chloride ≤0.5%
Iodate, barium salt Conform standard
Assay (KI) 99%

Potassium iodide pharma grade Usage

Often used as an analytical reagent, also used in the preparation of photographic emulsifiers, pharmaceutical industry
Uses for emulsions, soaps, lithography, organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, food additives, etc.
Use Potassium iodide is a food iodine fortifier that is approved for use. It can be used for salt, the dosage is 30~70mg/kg; the dosage in infant food is 0.3~0.6mg/kg.
Use Potassium iodide is a food iodine fortifier that is allowed to be used. It can be used in infant foods in China, and the dosage is 0.3-0.6mg/kg. It can also be used for salt, and the amount used is 30-70mL/kg. As a component of thyroxine, iodine participates in the metabolism of all substances in livestock and poultry and maintains the heat balance in the body. It is an essential hormone for the growth and reproduction of livestock and poultry. It can improve the growth performance of livestock and poultry and promote the health of the body. If the animal body lacks iodine, it will lead to metabolic disorders, body disorders, goiter, affecting nerve function and fur color and digestion and absorption of feed, eventually leading to slow growth.
Uses Nutritional supplements (iodine enhancers). The amount of salt in the table is 0.01% or less.
Use as analytical reagent, chromatography and spot analysis
Uses are raw materials for the manufacture of iodides and dyes. Used as a photographic light emulsifier. It is used as an expectorant, a diuretic, a goiter prevention agent and a drug for pre-operative thyroid function in medicine, and is also used for the manufacture of a rheumatism analgesic cream having an analgesic and activating blood function. It is a co-solvent for iodine and certain insoluble metal iodides. Used as a feed additive for livestock.
Use as a nutritional supplement (iodine enhancer) in the food industry.

Potassium iodide pharma gradePackaging and Shipping

25kgs per drum

Potassium iodide pharma gradeStorage

dry cool place.

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