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potassium methylsilanetriolate cas 31795-24-1

Chemical Name: potassium methylsilanetriolate

CAS No.: 31795-24-1

Molecular Formula: CH3K3O3Si

Molecular Weight: 208.4

Appearance:Clear to hazy, colorlessLiquid

Assay: 50%



Potassium methylsilanetriolatequick Details

Chemical Name: potassium methylsilanetriolate

CAS No.: 31795-24-1

Molecular Formula: CH3K3O3Si

PotassiummethylsilanetriolateStructure:Potassium methylsilanetriolate Structure

Molecular weight: 208.4

Appearance:Clear to hazy, colorlessLiquid

Assay: 50%

PotassiummethylsilanetriolateTypical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance Clear to hazy, colorless liquid
Solid content 52%~54%
Active content 30~36%
K2O equivalent 12~20%
Density 1.4g/cm³


1.Low-fired clay products immediately after they have been made: e. g. roof tiles, facing bricks, floor tiles, flower pots.

2.Aerated concrete.

3.Gypsum and gypsum-based fiber boards.

4.Lightfillers, such as perlite, vermiculiteandaerated concrete granules.

5.Insulating materials.

6. As a surfacetreatmentSilway 714 is diluted to a concentration of 3 percent solids or less prior to application.

7. Do not use concentrations higher than 3 percent solids unless prior testing indicates a necessity. The use of higher concentrations than required may result in the formation of a white residue on the surface. Users should test the concentration to be applied on the substrate prior to use.3. After application of the silicone solution, allow the treated surface to dry for at least 24 hours to develop maximum water repellency. This interval may be shortened somewhat by force-drying at temperatures up to 175°C. While this removes the water quickly, time must be allowed for the curing reaction between Silway 714 and the surface being treated. Carbon dioxide streams do not appear to reduce the cure time appreciably.

8.This product is used in rubber, plastic, fiberglass, paint, adhesive, sealant and other products.

PotassiummethylsilanetriolatePackaging and Shipping

Packing: 250kg/plastic drum or IBC drum

Delivery: UN 3267


Sealed storage under 5-30℃ temperature. Avoid high temperature and freezing conditions.

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