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potassium sorbate cas 24634-61-5

Assay: 99.0~101.0 %

Appearance: White flakes

Packing: 25KG carton or Customer specified packaging

Sample: Available



Potassium sorbate Details

Chemical Name:Potassium sorbate

CAS No.: 24634-61-5

Molecular Formula: C6H7KO2

Molecular Weight: 150.22

Molecular Structure:Potassium sorbate cas 24634-61-5

Appearance: White flakes

Potassium sorbate Typical Properties

Item Result
Appearance White Granular or Powder
Identification Conform
Assay 99,0~101,0 %
Alkalinity (as K2CO3) ≤1.0%
Acidity (as Sorbic Acid) ≤1.0 %
Aldehyde (as Formaldehyde) ≤1.0 %
Lead (Pb) ≤2 mg/kg
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ≤10 mg/kg
Mercury (Hg) ≤1 mg/kg
Arsenic (as As) ≤3 mg/kg
Ash Free
Loss on Drying ≤1.0 %
Organic volatile impurities Meets the requirements
Residual solvents Meets the requirements
Conclusion The goods conform to FCC IX edition

Potassium sorbate Usage

1. Low toxicity, high efficiency acid preservative

2. Used as an inhibitor of mold and yeast

3. As a mold inhibitor

Potassium sorbate Packaging and Shipping

Packing: 25KG carton or Customer specified packaging

Potassium sorbate Storage

Sheltered, dry, dark place for storage.

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