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cesium chloride uses

Chemical Name:Cesium chloride

CAS No.: 7647-17-8

Molecular Fomula: ClCs

Molecular weight: 168.36

Appearance: white powder

Assay: 99%,99.9%,99.99%



Cesium chlorideQuick Details

Chemical Name:Cesium chloride

CAS No.: 7647-17-8

Molecular Fomula: ClCs

Cesium chloride structure:Cesium chloride Structure

Molecular weight: 168.36

Appearance: white powder

Assay: 99%,99.9%,99.99%

Cesium chlorideTypical Properties

Item Specifications
CsCl % 99.9Min
Li% 0.0005Max
Na% 0.005Max
K% 0.005Max
Ca% 0.002Max
Mg% 0.0005Max
Fe% 0.0005Max
Al% 0.0005Max
Rb% 0.05Max

What is cesium chloride

cesium chloride is an inorganic salt, colorless cubic crystal, sealed and stored in a cool and dry state.

Source of Cesium chloride

It is mainly obtained from the treatment of garnet and lithium mica ore in the industry; it is prepared by reacting barium carbonate with hydrochloric acid in the laboratory.

Cesium chloride usesin the pharmaceutical industry

1. Cs and K have similar biological characteristics. After infusion into the blood, they can be concentrated in the normal myocardium to develop the myocardium.

2. At the site of myocardial ischemia or infarction, a radioactive sparse or defective area is present due to a decrease in myocardial blood flow or impaired myocardial cell function.

3. 131Cs can also be concentrated by thyroid cancer cells.

Cesium chloride used in other industries

1. Cerium chloride is used as an analytical reagent.

2. Cerium chloride is mainly used for the preparation of metal ruthenium and ruthenium-containing single crystal raw materials.

3. In addition, barium chloride is also used to prepare conductive glass.

4. Barium chloride is used to prepare a solution for isolating RNA from DNA by density gradient centrifugation.

5. Cerium chloride is paired with lanthanum chloride in the atomic energy industry, and metal ruthenium is prepared by molten salt electrolysis.

6. Cerium chloride is widely used in biological research to centrifuge viruses and other molecules. Very dilute cesium chloride can increase the activity of acetylcholinesterase.

7. Cerium chloride is also used as a flux for aluminum brazing.

8. Cerium chloride is used as a gas chromatographic fixative (maximum use temperature 450 ° C, solvent water) for high temperature chromatography of diphenyl and terphenyl.

Cesium chloridePackaging and Shipping

Drum, 1kg、25kg or according to customer requirements

Cesium chlorideStorage

In a dry atmosphere, the product should be sealed and stored.

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