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halquinol cas 8067-69-4

Chemical Name: Halquinol
CAS No.: 8067-69-4
Molecular Fomula: C9H5ClNOR

Molecular weight: 178.6

Appearance: Yellow-white to yellow powder




HalquinolQuick Details

Chemical Name: Halquinol
CAS No.: 8067-69-4
Molecular Fomula: C9H5ClNOR

Chemical Structure:image.png

Molecular weight:178.6

Appearance:Yellow-white to yellow powder


Halquinol Typical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance Yellow-white to yellow powder
Content 98-99%
Solubility clear solution
Acidity 3.0 to 5.0
5,7-dichloro-8-hydroxy 57%-74%
5-chloro-8-hydroxy 23%-40%
7-chloro-8-hydroxy 4%Max.

Halquinol Usage

1. Haquino is a veterinary drug, mainly used for intestinal infectious diseases and prevention of bacteria infection.

2. This product chelated with metal ions such as iron, copper and zinc can stop bacteria using necessary metal ions, thereby inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

3. Haquino directly acts on the gastrointestinal smooth muscle of animals, which can improve the absorption rate of gastrointestinal motility and increase the rate of nutrient absorption, especially for livestock suffering from dysentery.

Halquinol Packaging and Shipping



Stored in a cool dry and ventilated place away from heat

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