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isosorbide dimethyl ether (dimethyl isosorbide) cas 5306-85-4

Assay: 99%

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid

Capacity: 1500MT per year

Packaging: 200kg plastic drum ; 25kg plastic drum

Sample: available



Dimethyl Isosorbide Quick Details

Chemical Name: Dimethyl Isosorbide

CAS No.: 5306-85-4

Molecular Formula: C8H14O4

Chemical Structure:Isosorbide dimethyl ether (DiMethyl Isosorbide) Structure

Molecular weight:174.19

Appearance:Clear colorless to light yellow

Assay: 99%min

DiMethyl Isosorbide Typical Properties

Test Items Specification Test Result
Appearence Clear colorless liquid Clear colorless liquid
Refractive index 1.4580-1.4620 1.4601
Specific weight 1.15-1.17 1.15
Water (%) ≤0.1 0.08
Acid value (mgKOH/g) ≤1.5 0.45
Heavy metals (ppm) ≤5 <5
Assay (%) ≥99 99.21
Conclusion The batch of DMI conforms to enterprise standards.

Dimethyl IsosorbideProductdescription

1. Dimethyl Isosorbide isacolorlesstransparentliquid,isosorbitoldimethyletherasaspecialsolventinthefieldofcosmeticsandmedicine,foravarietyofactiveingredients,


2. Dimethyl Isosorbidecanbedissolvedinwaterinanyproportion,canalsobedissolvedincosmeticsesters,ethanolandotherpolyols;

3. Dimethyl Isosorbidecanalsobeeasilymadeintodifferentproperties,suchasaqueoussolutions,emulsions,andsolids.

4. Dimethyl Isosorbidehasawiderangeofliquidfluidity.Inadditiontogoodsolventfunction,

5. Dimethyl Isosorbideisspecificallyusedtoincreasethetransferofcosmeticactiveingredientstothesurfaceoftheskin.

6. Inaddition,Dimethyl Isosorbidehasuniquetransdermalabilitywithoutanystimulation.Infact,alargenumberoftoxicologicalstudiesontopicalandoraldrugshaveshownthatDMIisnon-irritating,non-toxicandverysafe.

Dimethyl IsosorbideApplication

1. Dimethyl Isosorbideappliedincosmeticsfield:cansignificantlyenhancetheeffectofsunscreen,antiwrinkle,freckle,acne,skincareandmoisturizing,


2. Dimethyl Isosorbideisanidealsolventinthecosmeticsindustry.

3. Dimethyl Isosorbide applied in medical field: for external medicine ointment, tincture and so on. The curative effect of the product is significantly improved.

4. Dimethyl Isosorbide can enhance the penetration of pesticides in and out of pests, enhance the efficacy, and reduce the resistance of pests.

5. Reduce the use of pesticides, reduce the amount of environmental pollution, especially to reduce the direct harm of pesticides on human beings.

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