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monopotassium phosphite cas 13977-65-6

Assay: 98%min

Appearance: White crystals

Capacity: 100 ton/month

Packaging: 25kg /bag

Sample: available



Monopotassium phosphiteQuick Details

Chemical Name: Monopotassium phosphite

CAS No.: 13977-65-6

Molecular Formula: H2KO3P

Monopotassium phosphiteStructure:Monopotassium phosphite Structure

Molecular weight: 120.09

Appearance:White crystal

Assay: 98%min

Monopotassium phosphiteTypical Properties

Item Specifications
Appearance White crystal
Main content(KH2 P O3 )≥% 98.0%
Insoluble Solid in Water≤% 0.3
K2O≥% 38
P2O5≥% 58
Cl≤% 0.01
Fe ≤‰ 0.002
Pb≤% 0.0001
PH 4.0

Monopotassium phosphiteapplication

1. It can be used as a direct fungicide and a complexing agent for calcium and magnesium ions in industrial circulating water.

2. It can replace the organic phosphine water treatment agent to reduce environmental pollution.

Monopotassium phosphite Packaging and Shipping


Monopotassium phosphiteStorage

It should be placed inventilation low-temperature drying

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