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n-formylmorpholine price

Chemical Name: N-Formylmorpholine

CAS No: 4394-85-8

Molecular Formula:C5H9NO2

Molecular Weight:115.13

Appearance: Colorlessor light yellowliquidor solid

Assay: 99.5%



N-FormylmorpholineQuick Details

Chemical Name: N-Formylmorpholine

CAS No: 4394-85-8

Molecular Formula:C5H9NO2

Molecular Weight:115.13

Molecular Structure:N-Formylmorpholine Structure

Appearance: Colorlessor light yellowliquidor solid

Assay: 99.5%min

N-FormylmorpholineTypical Properties

Items Specifications
Appearance Colorless or light yellow liquid or solid
Assay % ≥99.50
Morpholine % ≤0.1
Water % ≤0.1
Free acid(In formic acid) % ≤0.02
Chroma/Hazen(Pt-Co No.) ≤20

N-Formylmorpholine uses

1. N-Formylmorpholine is used for the desulfurization of natural gas, syngas, flue gas, natural gas condensate and gasoline. It is the best extraction solvent for petroleum aromatics plant. It can be recovered by extractive distillation.

2. N-Formylmorpholine has good selectivity, thermal stability and chemical stability Good sex, no poison, no corrosion. It is the most widely used recovery of aromatic solvents.

3. N-Formylmorpholine is an excellent aprotic solvent with high solubility and selectivity to aromatics. The mixture has been successfully used in aromatics extraction and butene concentration.

4. N-Formylmorpholine is also coking benzene hydrotreating extraction solvent.

N-Formylmorpholineapplication in aromatic hydrocarbon extraction solvent

1. NFM is not only stable in aromatics extraction, but also has a moderate difference in boiling point from benzene and toluene due to its structural specificity.

2. The dissolution of aromatics can greatly reduce the relative volatility of aromatics, which is beneficial for the separation and removal of non-aromatic components.

3. The solubility of benzene is higher than that of tetraethylene glycol. The selective leaves of benzene and cyclohexane are obviously better than tetraethylene glycol, and the viscosity of NFM is small, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and several other extraction solvents such as sulfolane. Compared with the characteristics of small pollution and good environmental protection.

N-Formylmorpholineapplication inbutene concentrated solvent

1. Another important application of NFM is the separation of butene and butane, also known as butene enrichment.

2. Morpholine and NFM have good solubility and selectivity to butene. The mixed solvent can change the vapor pressure of olefins and alkanes in C to varying degrees. Butane and butene can be obtained by extractive distillation. Separation.

3. Using binary mixed solvent of NFM and methyl ethyl ketone as extractant, the technology of extractive distillation to separate butene and butane was successfully developed.

N-FormylmorpholinePackaging and Shipping

200kg/drum; 1000kg/drum; 24.5MT/ISO TANK.


O-Keep in a well-closed,light-resistant, dry and cool place.

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