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potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate cas 29420-49-3

Assay: 99%

Appearance: white powder

Capacity: 10MTs/Month

Packaging: 25KG/Drum

Sample: available



Potassium Perfluorobutane SulfonateQuick Details

Chemical name: Potassium Perfluorobutane Sulfonate

CAS NO.:29420-49-3

Molecular Formula:C4F9KO3S

Molecular Weight:338.19

Chemical Structure:CAS 29420-49-3 Structure

Appearance: White powder

Assay: 99.0%min

Potassium Perfluorobutane SulfonateTypical Properties

Item Standard(%) Result
Appearance White powder Confirmed
Content 99.0%min 99.3%
Identification As stipulated Confirmed
Water 500ppm 212ppm
PH 6-7 6.8
FluorideIon <0.2% <0.08%
Chloride 20.0ppm <1.0ppm
Sulfate 20ppm 4ppm
PFOS 5ppm <1.0ppm
Conclusion The results above meet the standard of enterprise.

Potassium Perfluorobutane Sulfonate Usage

Used as aThe flame retardant of synthetic materials is the best flame retardant for polycarbonate materials.

Potassium Perfluorobutane Sulfonate Packing and Delivery

Packing: 25KG/Drum

Delivery: belongs to Class 9 dangerous goods

Potassium Perfluorobutane SulfonateShelf Life and Storage

24months from date of manufacture in original unopened packaging stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, water.

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